Directly import the complete cellular database from your network provider!

The client file is automatically filled!

With the real-time connection with the cellular database of your provider(Bell, Telus, etc.), Complus detects customer information and automatically fills the boxes of the customer record. It ensures the accuracy of data, eliminates the risk of transcription errors and allows to provide an incredible customer service. You get precise accuracy of your data by eliminating the manual transcription errors and you can offer the best customer service on the market!

Perfect overview of your activation file!

Complus presents a smart activation file where the required data fields (product, terms, plans, etc..) are filled automatically by the system, due to the real-time connection with the cellular database of your network provider. Thus, no longer time wasted to fix the retranscription mistakes of your cell activations! Our POS software for cellular store allows you to have a perfect view of detailed customer files in a record time!

Simplify invoicing!

Due to our automated data entry from the customer and activation file, the customer invoice is accurate and consistent with the data coming from your provider. Then, you have direct access to all informationto make your transactions in a snap. Save time and money!

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