Have handy business intelligence tools
that are tailored to your wireless retail with our POS software for sales management!

Facilitate your strategic decision-making!

Dashboards and analysis center are at your service to evaluate the performance of your employees and your business. With these tools, you can focus on your marketing strategies, due to the analysis of your sales objectives. Performance ratios are also available to all employees to facilitate your sales management!

Motivate your sales team!

With the Complus intelligent goal manager, you can quickly increase the motivation of your sales team, in addition to creating a competition between your stores. Increase your overall sales, again due the data accuracy always resulting from your direct connection to your network provider.

Accuracy of your sales forecasts!

Compare the current year with the previous one with clear graphics. These results are divided by category of objectives (activations, phone features, renewals, additional protection, global sales, etc..) Get specific sales objectives for your team!

Expand the performance of your team!

Concretely analyze, in real time, the performance of each member of your sales team. Find out what type of customer your salesperson is doing business with, what type of activation is his top-selling, and what are the most proposed contract terms. The same analysis results are available for each of your stores or for the whole company.

Efficiently manage your salespersons commissions!

Define the commission plan per employee and reward their sales efforts! Given to the real-time connection with data from your network provider. You have the exact information to pay commission on activations and the phone features sold by your salespersons. The commission grids are easy to complete and fully suited to the commission plan of your network provider.

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