A complete management solution for your cellular stores!

Complus is the cellular POS software that you need if you want to get the specialized features suited for your wireless retail. It focuses on the practical: Maximizing your income and reducing your costs!


Directly connected to your industry!

Complus offers a specialized software for the management of your mobile stores
in addition of being totally specific and tailored to the needs of your industry!


Connected to your network provider!

Complus is completely designed to be adapted to your network provider and enable automatic input of your data (activations, commission reconciliation, etc)  Forget the manual reteranscription and the unnecessary human mistakes. Focus on real things!

Connected to your accessorie suppliers!

Our understanding of the cellular industry leads us to offer a software that adapts and connects directly to the electronic business (e-commerce) of your accessories suppliers.

Connected to other management software!

Whether it’s your accounting software or your purchase management system, as Cieblink, Complus connects all your other business applications!

Discover the amazing capabilities of Complus.

Retailers Commission reconciliation

Complus allows you to fully control the claims on your retailers commissions ! Receive the commission incomes actually due!

Sales commissions

Creating sales commission plans becomes a breeze! Complus is the only specialized software that allows you to pay your salespersons commissions based on your income!

Why Complus?

Human and skilled customer services agents

Forget about automated messages and voicemails. With Complus, you get a human service and personalized answers to all your requests!

Fast and easy integration

Complus gives you a quick and easy integration not only because of our knowledge of your industry, but also because our software is totally connected to your network provider. Our trainers know your needs.


Complus is really well suited to the needs of the telecom industry, especially for the reconciliation of sales commissions and reconciliations with Telus! When Telus made ​​its adjustments, we get the information!

Caroline Boily NNC/TELUS

Complus is designed for our industry! The changes are coming fast at Bell Mobility, and their technicians are able to adapt quickly! I am sold to Complus and I love working with this tool!

Jessica Soares,
U2B Telecom (Bell authorized dealer)

Features about the commission reconciliations are foolproof ! Complus adapted themselves to our industry and they ease our commission management. We get the information from Telus, and if there’s an issue, Complus technicians are always available to quickly help you.


Marco Bélisle,
PC Page communications (Telus authorized dealer)

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